Built for Business

Mobility for every worker and every use case

Whatever your business is, Android can help make it possible. There are Android devices for any job. Enterprise-grade security to protect data. More ways to create custom apps, and Google innovation powering it all.

Protect datafrom end to end.

Android security is built in layers. From the hardware to the operating system to security services like Google Play Protect. Each layer works together to help prevent leaks and phishing, block malware and make sure data isn’t lost. So, your business can stay ahead of threats.

Deploy and manage your
mobile fleet. On your terms.

Android gives your business tons of flexibility to manage devices. Set oversight levels from locked down to limited. Distribute apps through managed Google Play — including your company’s private apps.

Zero-touch. Zero hassle.

With zero-touch enrollment, IT teams can instantly deploy fleets of company-owned devices. And they’re all secured out of the box. Employees just power on to get started. The apps and configurations they depend on are ready to go.

Help employees get more done.

It’s easy for employees to use their Android devices at work. Just use the work profile to keep personal data separate. Collaborate flexibly with smart Google tools like Meet, Drive and Docs. Disconnect when the workday is done with Digital Wellbeing tools.

Devices for every business.

There’s an Android device for every industry. Like tablets that keep retail spaces running. Scanners to transform warehouse shipping. With Android Enterprise Recommended, get verified devices that meet Google’s highest standards.

Ready to put Android to work?

Speak to an Expert to see how putting Android devices to work for your business will help your team achieve more.

Android and Google is a trademark of Google LLC

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