IT for Nonprofits

Succeed with IT that compliments you anywhere in the world to deliver on your mission

Benefits of a MSP

When you have a tight budget and staff with a full plate of responsibilities, investing in the right technology can actually help you deliver your mission.

Get More, For Less

Outsourcing IT gives you predictable costs. You get the backing of an entire IT team without actually having to hire in-house allowing you to allocate your budget to other resources.

Data Security

Robust security measures to protect confidential information, network security, virus protection, encryption and disaster recovery is a necessity.

Reduce Costs

Like any nonprofit, you have a strict and limited budget. Colletti Tech has a vast partner network to help you lower costs with product discounts, because every penny matters.

Affordable Devices

Deliver your mission is with a new device! Colletti Tech offers a wide selection of devices with features you need at affordable prices.

Enable Your Team

Whether it’s Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive or OneNote, your team will have the necessary tools. Microsoft 365 connects people and information to collaborate in an instant, making your mission successful. Colletti Tech is your Microsoft Partner to help you accelerate your impact.

Work From Anywhere

Regardless where you’re working, you need devices and the infrastructure in place to succeed. Colletti Tech will tailor a solution to best fit your need’s, so your team can Work From Anywhere.

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