Privacy Policy

Whereas in consideration of privacy, you hereby agree to this Policy of Privacy (herein “Privacy Policy”). Under this policy, you as the “User” acknowledge to Colletti Tech LLC (herein “Colletti Tech”) of your agreement to the binding terms and conditions of this policy as follows:

Section 1: Protection of Privacy
Privacy shall be an utmost importance to Colletti Tech, with its safeguard. This written policy defines the online information practices of Colletti Tech with the choices you may decide upon about your personal information which is collected. This policy is available on our website by accessing ““, whereas required, or upon request.

Section 2: Protection of Minors
As our priority to prevent the information collection from persons knowingly under thirteen years of age, this website is structured not attract such a person. Hereinafter, we shall refuse all offerings to persons that are knowingly classified as a minor under thirteen years of age pursuant to the Child Online Protection Act (“47 U.S.C. § 231”) and Child Online Protection Privacy Act (“15 U.S.C. §§ 6501–6506”) of the United States of America.

Section 3: Collection of Information
Set forth, to provide a quality experience and render services, the following Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) shall be collected. Within the lawful rights of Colletti Tech, the analytic, audit, business, personal, security collected hereinafter shall include, however not limited to: Legal Name, Address, Contact Information, Education History, Employment Records, Health Records, Employer Identification Number (“EIN”), Tax Identification Number (“TIN”), Social Security Number (“SSN”), and such related data that may be classified as Personally Identifiable Information. All information is strictly safeguarded, with strict protocols, electronic security, and monitoring technology. We may elect to share information with affiliates, distributors, freight, law enforcement, financial institutions, vendors, or such companies for verification of identify, providing services, offering products, and our interest of security.

Section 4: Denial of Use; Refusal of Service
Colletti Tech shall reserve all rights to refuse service to any person underage, or a third-party that we knowingly is providing our service to such person under thirteen years of age. You hereby expressly certify, represent, and warrant that upon use of any service or product that you are eighteen years of age or older.

Section 5: Release of Information
Upon an event that a person is believed to be in danger or harm that may result in death, Colletti Tech may elect to voluntarily release such relevant data to law enforcement as “good-faith” pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 2702(b)(8). Colletti Tech will notify any person in the circumstance of a subpoena or warrant from law enforcement to seize their personal data unless prohibited pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 2705(b).