Unified Communications

Cloud Communications is Critical

Don’t let your legacy telephone company put your business on hold…

To ensure simplicity, business-centricity, and flexibility, your hybrid work model communications solution will need to seamlessly integrate multiple tools into one manageable solution. Accommodate your employee’s needs for the modern workplaces and ensure they can take care of customers from wherever. Leveraging the cloud for unified communications is a necessity for the “new normal“. Colletti Tech offers these benefits to all of our unified communications customers at no additional cost:

Cloud Hosted

Communications not dependent on you being in the office and ensures you are reachable anywhere!

Phones & Devices ↗

Use your existing hardware or update your equipment with modern devices. Choose from a variety of devices that support VoIP, SMS, Encryption, Ethernet, WiFi & Bluetooth

Add & Port Numbers

Add new local and toll-free telephone numbers. If you have existing local or toll-free telephone numbers, bring them with you!

Chat, Meetings & SMS

When you want a more human connection without having to travel. For quick team collaboration and easy means to communicate with a customer on the go.

Business Plans

Business Voice
  • Cloud PBX with unlimited local and long-distance calling, Voicemail, Caller ID, Call History and Basic Calling Features.
  • 1 license is required for each user
Business Toll-Free
  • Cloud PBX with 500 minutes for incoming calls, Caller ID, Call History and Basic Calling Features.
  • 1 license is required for each toll-free line
Business Fax
  • Cloud Fax with unlimited minutes, Caller ID, Call History and Basic Facsimile Features.
  • 1 license is required for each fax line