Terms for Administrators

(to the Agreement)

To the limited extent that you (or any individual or entity acting on your behalf) store any personal information relating to an individual or any information from which an individual can be identified (collectively, “Data”, “Personal Data” or “Personal Information”) as part of the Service (such as for your account management purposes), you agree that Colletti Tech LLC (herein “Colletti Tech”) with any applicable affiliate and subsidiary will act as your agent for the processing, storage and handling of any such data. Colletti Tech agrees to ensure that any persons authorized to process such Personal Data have agreed to maintain confidentiality (whether through terms or under an appropriate statutory obligation). Colletti Tech shall have no title or interest in such Personal Data solely as a result of your use of the Service. You agree that you are solely liable and strictly responsible for ensuring your compliance with all applicable laws, including privacy and data protection laws, regarding the use or collection of data and information through the Service. You are also responsible for all activity related to such Personal Data, including but not limited to, monitoring such data and activity, preventing and addressing inappropriate data and activity, and removing and terminating access to data. You are responsible for safeguarding and limiting access to such Personal Data by your personnel and for the actions of your personnel who are permitted access to use the Service on your behalf.

Data provided by you and your administrators (collectively end users with group or granular permissions of Administrator) through the service may be used by Colletti Tech as necessary to provide and improve the service and to perform the following actions on your behalf. Colletti Tech shall hereinafter have authority, but not limited to:

(a) Use and handle such Personal Data only in accordance with the instructions and permissions from You set forth herein, as well as applicable laws, regulations, accords, or treaties;
(b) Provide you with reasonable means to manage any user access, deletion, or restriction requests as defined in applicable law. In the event of an investigation of you arising from your good faith use of the service by a data protection regulator or similar authority regarding such data, Colletti Tech shall have no obligation in such investigation and waived from liability regardless of the outcome;
(c) Issue notices by any reasonable means Colletti Tech selects, without undue delay and taking account of applicable legal requirements applying to you which mandate notification within a specific timeframe, if Colletti Tech becomes aware that your Personal Data has been altered, deleted or lost as a result of any unauthorized access to the Service. You are responsible for providing Colletti Tech with your updated contact information for such notification as set forth herein;
(d) You hereinafter agree that Colletti Tech continues to hold such certifications which shall be considered sufficient for such required audit purposes;
(e) If a third-party request for information is received, You have stored in the Service, then unless otherwise required by law or the terms of such request, Colletti Tech will notify You of its receipt of the request and notify the requester of the requirement to address such request to You. Unless otherwise required by law or the request, you will be responsible for responding to the request;
(f) Use industry-standard measures to safeguard Personal Data during the transfer, processing and storage of Personal Information and any format of data. Encrypted Personal Data may be stored at the person’s own risk, who assumes full liability and risk at discretion of Colletti Tech; and
(g) Grant, modify, suspend and terminate any end user, administrator or account account at our sole discretion without cause.