Methods of Payment

While our intent is to provide a variety of payment methods to our customers, as denoted within this section. However, based on past payment history of a Customer Account, we shall Reserve All Rights-to-Refuse an ACH, Cash, Check, Credit, Debit, eCheck, EFT, or any Form of Payment.

 Apple Pay
 Android Pay
 Microsoft Pay
 Square Cash
American Express

Processing of Payment

• Presented Checks & Debit Cards Accepted Only from U.S. Banks
• Select Credit Cards are subject to Processing Fees
• Manual Entry Payments are subject to Processing Fees
• Any Payment that is a Returned Item, is subject to fees
• Payments reversed for Insufficient Funds, is subject to fees

Discount Policy

Upon authorization of a Discount or Promotion applied to a finalized transaction (e.g. Bill of Sale, Estimate, Invoice) it shall be valid for 14 days unless stated otherwise in writing. Hereof an event of a Past-Due Transaction, hereinafter a Late Payment shall Nullify and Void all Discounts or Promotions applied to the transaction. We shall reserve the Right-of-Nullification of any Discount, therefore Voiding Discounted Applied to a Customer’s Account. Special Discounts shall be made available upon verification, for Law Enforcement and Active/Veteran Military Service.

Refund Policy

Refunds if Applicable shall be Limited, within the Discretion and Terms of Service of the Provider. Hosted Servers and Subscriptions have a 14 day Refund Limit from the finalized transaction (e.g. Bill of Sale, Estimate, Invoice). Unless Stated in Writing Upon the Date of Sale, No Refund for Domains, Fees or Electronics, Hardware or Software Shall Be Authorized.

Fee Schedule

Within reason hereof Company Policies, Industry Regulations, U.S. Laws and Account History, a Customer Account may be subject to Applicable Fees.

Fee Schedule
• Mileage Surcharge: $15.00 (20mi Radius, $2.75/5mi additional)
• Service Cancellation: $60.00
• Past-Due Payment: $60.00
• Insufficient Funds: $38.00 (Bank Fee: $37.00)
• Returned Payment: $38.00 (Bank Fee: $37.00)
• Non-Payment Charge-Off: $150.00
• Non-Payment Closure: $250.00
• Agreement Early Term: $250.00