Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft Endpoint Manager lets you manage company security policies and business applications regardless of the device. So whether your users are working on-premises or remotely, you’ll have the same level of security, enforcing policies, and managing your applications. You can provision a comprehensive Mobile Device Management (“MDM”) to secure your devices or offer your team a bring-your-own-device (“BYOD”) program without worrying about sensitive business information on their devices — and they can participate in it without worrying that their personal information may be exposed.


Deploy or wipe licensed business applications. Create policies to configure applications and protect your corporate data


Management of multi-platform Operating Systems and Manufactures. Remote management of Apple, Google, Windows and Samsung devices under one umbrella.


Protect and secure devices from one place. Enable, configure, and deploy Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to help prevent security breaches and gain visibility into your organization’s security posture.


Monitor the health and activity of your endpoints. Generate summarized reports of the latest and overall state of your endpoints. Create reports from historical data to help you identify patterns and trends over time.