Microsoft Endpoint

Mobile Device Management (“MDM”) lets you manage company security policies and business applications on your team’s devices without compromising their privacy. You can offer your team a comprehensive bring-your-own-device (“BYOD”) program without worrying about sensitive business information on their devices — and they can participate in it without worrying that their personal information may be exposed.

MDM now includes the new Local Users and Groups policy that enables administrators to make granular changes to a local group on managed devices. So whether your users are working on-premises or remotely, you’ll have the same options for enforcing role-based access that you get with on-premises Group Policy.

Reach for the cloud with Windows Autopilot

Now you can embrace the cloud at your own pace. Windows Autopilot simplifies your digital transformation with centralized cloud-based device management, simple remote reset, and fast device repair for your Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise devices. For Microsoft 365 users, Windows Autopilot helps maximize the value of their subscriptions, automatically updating so people can stay current with the latest Windows version. And for information technology administrators, Windows Autopilot streamlines their work by eliminating the need to maintain custom images and drivers for every device in use.

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