Partner of Record

Partner of Record

These terms, as part of the agreement, govern the relationship between Colletti Tech LLC (herein “Colletti Tech” and “Partner”), Supplier, and Customer.

(1) Definitions
Customer” means an individual or legal entity that obtains Online Services directly from Supplier or Partner.
Customer Data” means any administrative, billing, consumer, user and similar information relating to an identifiable entity or natural person (“Data Subject”).
Partner” means a legal entity that places purchases (collectively “one-time and recurring”), distributes, obtains, and manages Online Services directly from Supplier, on behalf of a Customer.

(a) Selecting a Partner
Customer may authorize a Partner to place orders on Customer’s behalf and manage Customer’s purchases by associating the Partner with its account. Suppliers and other third parties are not agents of Colletti Tech and are not authorized to enter into any agreement with Customer on behalf of Colletti Tech.

(b) Partner Administrator Privileges and access to Customer Data
If Customer purchases Online Services from a Partner or chooses to provide a Partner with administrator privileges, that Partner will be the primary administrator of the Online services and will have administrative privileges and access to Customer Data and Administrator Data. Customer consents to Supplier and its affiliates providing the Partner with Customers Data and Administrator Data for purposes of provisioning, administering and supporting (as applicable) the Online Services. Partner may process such data according to the terms of Partner’s agreement with Customer. Customer appoints Partner as its agent for purposes of providing and receiving notices and other communications to and from Supplier. Customer may terminate the Partner’s administrative privileges at any time.

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