Business-to-business relationships are essential to Colletti Tech and our customers! With a variety of partners in the information technology industry, we have the ability to add value to all of our services and products. This value is defined as quality products that are cost effective, with the commitment of resources from like-minded companies! We have the honor to showcase our affiliates, and the partnerships we share with them!


Apple Consultants Network Silver Microsoft Partner Intel Gold Partner
Apple Consultants Silver Partner Gold Partner
Google Partner Brother Partner
Cloud Partner Certified Partner Service Partner
Acronis Partner

BarTender Partner
Authorized Partner Certified Partner Partner
Dell Authorized Partner D-Link Partner
DocuSign Partner
Authorized Partner Registered Partner Partner
Dropbox Partner Kaspersky Lab Partner Lenovo Partner
Select Partner Registered Partner Authorized Partner
Linksys Authorized Partner Red Hat Partner
Partner PowerShift Partner Technology Partner
Parallels Partner RSA Gold Partner PNY Partner
Partner Gold Partner Authorized Partner
Seagate Partner TeamViewer Partner SAP Partner
Bronze Partner Distribution Partner Partner
Samsung Knox Partner VMWare Partner
Knox Partner Solution Partner

Partner with success

Interested in success and want to establish a long-term partnership? Complete an affiliation application, to empower success through teamwork!